LA FOLLE JOURNÉE au JAPON “Days of Enthusiasm” Music Festival 2008

Michel Dalberto


Michel Dalberto

(c)Fabre Brasselet

Concert schedules

MAY 2nd

15:15-16:00[Hall A]
Concert No : 112/Reserved seat S:2,000/A:1,500
  • Schubert : Symphony No.7 in B Minor D759 “Unfinished”
  • Schubert/Liszt : Wanderer Fantasy for piano and orchestra in C Major op.15 D760
  • Michel Dalberto piano
  • Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
  • Xie Yang Chen direction

19:00-19:45[Hall B7]
Concert No : 124/Reserved seat : 1,500
  • Schubert : Piano Trio No.2 in E flat Major op.100 D929
  • Daishin Kashimoto violin
  • Tatjana Vassiljeva cello
  • Michel Dalberto piano

MAY 3rd

10:15-11:00[Hall B7]
Concert No : 221/Reserved seat : 1,500
  • Schubert : Quintet for piano and strings in A Major op.114 D667 “The Trout”
  • Michel Dalberto piano
  • Marc Marder contrebass
  • Philippe Bernhard violin
  • Laurent Marfaing viola
  • François Kieffer cello

22:00-22:45[Hall B5]
Concert No : 238/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : “The Pigeon Post” D965a, from Song Cycle “Swan Song”D957
  • Schubert : “Courage for Living” D937
  • Schubert : “Message of Love”, “Warrior’s foreboding”, “Longing in Spring”, “Serenade”, “Dwelling”, from Song Cycle “Swan Song” D957
  • Schubert : “Autumn” D945
  • Schubert : “In the Distance”, “Farewell”, “Atlas”, “Her Portrait”, “The Fisher Maiden”, “By the Sea”, “The City”, “The Ghostly Double”, from Song Cycle “Swan Song” D957
  • Stephan Genz baritone
  • Michel Dalberto piano

MAY 4th

16:45-17:30[Hall B5]
Concert No : 335/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Beethoven : Song Cycle “To the Distant Beloved” op.98
  • Weber : “My Songs” op.15-1
  • Weber : “What draws me to your enchanted circle?” op15-4
  • Weber : “Are they Sorrows or are they Joys” op.30-6
  • Weber : “Round Dance” op.30-5
  • Schubert : “Ganymede” op.19-3 D544
  • Schubert : “The Erlking” D328
  • Schubert : “Prometheus” D674
  • Stephan Genz baryton
  • Michel Dalberto piano

Concert No : 363/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : Piano Sonata No.19 in C Minor D958
  • Schubert : Piano Piece in E flat Minor D946 No.1
  • Michel Dalberto piano

MAY 5th

18:30-19:15[Hall B5]
Concert No : 436/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : Piano Sonata No.21 in B flat Major D960
  • Schubert : “3 Piano Pieces” No.3 in C Major D946
  • Michel Dalberto piano

20:30-21:15[Mitsuwo Aida Museum]
Concert No : 472/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : Piano Sonata No.20 in A Major D959
  • Schubert : Piano Piece No.2 in E flat Major D946
  • Michel Dalberto piano