LA FOLLE JOURNÉE au JAPON “Days of Enthusiasm” Music Festival 2008

Akiko Ebi


Akiko Ebi

Concert schedules

MAY 2nd

Concert No : 164/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : Piano Sonata No.18 in G Major op.78 D894 “Fantasy”
  • Schubert/Liszt : “Ellen’s Song III (Ave Maria) ” in E flat Major op.52 No.6 D839
  • Schubert/Liszt : Serenade of Shakespeare’s “Hark, hark, the Lark!” in B flat Major D889, transcription for piano
  • Akiko Ebi piano

MAY 3rd

10:00-10:45[Hall D7]
Concert No : 251/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : Allegro in A Minor D947 “Life’s Storms”
  • Schubert : Characteristic March in C Major D886 No.1
  • Schubert : Military March No.1 in D Major D733
  • Schubert : Military March No.3 in E flat Major D733
  • Schubert : Fantasy in F Minor D940
  • Akiko Ebi piano
  • Hiroko Ebi piano