LA FOLLE JOURNÉE au JAPON “Days of Enthusiasm” Music Festival 2008

Andrew West


Andrew West

Concert schedules

MAY 3rd

20:15-21:00[Hall B5]
Concert No : 237/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : “The Youth by the Spring” D300
  • Schubert : “The Wanderer” D493
  • Schubert : “The Wanderer speaks to the Moon” D870
  • Schubert : “The Linden Tree” from Song Cycle “Winter Journey” D911
  • Schubert/Dai Fujikura : “Accompanying Franz” for solo soprano on a text of Harry Ross
  • Commissioned Work by LFJ, The Japanese premiere
  • Schubert :“Serenade”from Song Cycle “Swan Song” D957
  • Schubert : “Gretchen at the Spinning-Wheel” D118
  • Schubert : “The Young Nun” D828
  • Schubert : “Ellen’s Song Ave Maria” D839
  • Loré Lixenberg soprano
  • Andrew West piano