LA FOLLE JOURNÉE au JAPON “Days of Enthusiasm” Music Festival 2008

Nathalier Gaudefroy, sop


Nathalier Gaudefroy, sop

Concert schedules

MAY 2nd

20:15-21:30[Hall C]
Concert No : 145/Reserved seat S:2,500/A:2,000
  • Schubert/Berio : Rendering for orchestra after sketches for Symphony No.10 in D Major D936a
  • Schubert/Reger : “Gretchen at the Spinning-Wheel” op.2 D118
  • Schubert/Webern : “Her Portrait” from “Swan Song” D957
  • Schubert/Reger : “You are My Repose” op.59-3 D776
  • Schubert/Webern : “The Signpost” from “Winter Journey” D911
  • Schubert/Liszt : “The Young Nun” op43 No.1 D828
  • Schubert/Reger: “To Music” op.88 No.4 D547
  • Schubert/Britten: “The Trout” op.32 D550
  • Schubert/Reger: “The Erlking” D328
  • Nathalier Gaudefroy soprano
  • Thomas Bauer baryton
  • Orchestre Poitou-Charentes
  • Jean-François Heisser direction