LA FOLLE JOURNÉE au JAPON “Days of Enthusiasm” Music Festival 2008

Hans Jörg Mammel, tenor


Hans Jörg Mammel, tenor


Concert schedules

MAY 4th

22:15-23:45[Hall B7]
Concert No : 328/Reserved seat S:3,000/A:2,000
  • Schubert/Hans Zender : “Winter Journey” D911, transcription for orchestra
  • Hans Jörg Mammel tenor
  • Les Siècles
  • François-Xavier Roth direction

13:15-14:00[Hall B5]
Concert No : 333/Nonreserved seat:1,500
  • Schubert : “The Pigeon Post” D965a, from Song Cycle “Swan Song”D957
  • Schubert : “Courage for Living” D937
  • Schubert : “Message of Love”, “Warrior’s foreboding”, “Longing in Spring”, “Serenade”, “Dwelling”, from Song Cycle “Swan Song” D957
  • Schubert : “Autumn” D945
  • Schubert : “In the Distance”, “Farewell”, “Atlas”, “Her Portrait”, “The Fisher Maiden”, “By the Sea”, “The City”, “The Ghostly Double”, from Song Cycle “Swan Song” D957
  • Hans Jõrg Mammel tenor
  • Philippe Cassard piano