What is La Folle Journée

An Unprecedented Classical Music Festival Came from France

La Folle Journée, a superb festival of classical music, first held in 1995 in Nantes, France. True to its name, which translated as “Days of Enthusiasm”, this event is devoted to unique concept positioned to defy the common sense of classical music. Toward that end, it delivers the most exciting and dynamic development of any of the many musical galas staged in Europe. From the year 2000, La Folle Journée has been produced out of France. It started in Lisbon in 2000, in Bilbao in 2002, in Tokyo in 2005, in Rio de Janeiro in 2007 and in Kanazawa in 2008.
Each year, the festival has a special theme that emphasizes significant movement in musical history. Musical concerts are held simultaneously at various halls in the venue, one after another form morning to late night, and a large number of audiences that included many children wander from one musical event to another.
Ever since La Folle Journée landed Tokyo, the event has created successive surprises, shaking the common senses of Japan’s classical music scene and astonishing records were made in number of attendees.
La Folle Journée au Japon“Days of Enthusiasm” Music Festival, which will be in its 6th round in 2010 in Tokyo, has taken its root as a seasonal event during the Golden Week holiday period.

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